TagIt Digital countertop food tracking system

Combining the intuitive design of a kitchen timer with the smarts of a smart fridge, TagIt is simple yet very powerful.


30% of a millennial’s fridge is likely to be spoiled or forgotten about. Fast paced lifestyles lead to spontaneous eating out, sporadic cooking, and forgetting about food we have in our fridge.

TagIt is a sleek and modern dock that sits on your countertop. On it are a day selection dial, color coded smart tags, led indicator, and storage bays for each tag.

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Simply pick up one of the tags from the dock, place it in the dial and turn it to number of days you want.

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Stick the tag on your food container and put it in the fridge

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Let TagIt remind you about your food when you set it to.

So next time instead of forgetting about your food, you’ll receive a notification on your phone that it’s been 3 days since you tagged that Chinese Takeout. Walking through your kitchen, you will notice the dock illuminating and glowing to indicate that you have food that needs to be consumed.

TagIt has a stunningly simple interface that isn’t cumbersome to your daily life. The color coded tags make it easy to identify the food that is about to expire. Each tag is reusable and no worries if you throw it out by accident. They’re cheap to replace.

New York The simplicity of TagIt is its beauty. What’s under the hood? Each tag is a completely passive plastic piece. It is a 3d printed tag with reusable 3m tape. The identity of each tag is a unique resistance. The dock contains the magic. It identifies each tag by resistance, can remember the days you set each tag to and sends all of this to your phone. The dock itself is modular expandable allowing you to add more colored tags or more tags for a particular color/category. The dial is a potentiometer with resistance values assigned to different days. The storage bays and the dial contain copper pads and each tag contains copper contacts as well to be able to measure resistances and identify each tag. The app sends smart reminders, reminding you about your food around dinnertime and reminding you about groceries when you head to the grocery store.

Three prototypes were made of TagIt. The final prototype shows the function and form of the device. Fully fabricated using rapid prototyping techniques, we built this product in under 2 weeks. This product was built as part of the MIT MEMSI program in Hong Kong.

View our pitch below to see our business model and more details about the product.